Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Blossom Ice-Skating!

We've been working on our Winter Fun List... little by little.  The weather's been cooperating.  (That's my nice way of saying that it's been cold.  Really, really cold.)  They say, "When life hands you lemons, make lemonade."  I say, "When the winter gets cold, go ice-skating." 
I loved driving in to this particular State Park. 
It's the same one where my mother took my brothers, sister and me swimming when we were just "little squirts." 
It's the same one I've hiked, had hay rides and walks. 
It's the same one where my Sister got married. 
It's the same one where my Brother got engaged. 
It's the same one where the Rugged, Mountain and I fished early on in our married life (pre-kid era!)  It's the same one where the Rugged, Mountain Man and I take our Blossoms on Summer and Fall picnics. 
I just had this happiness in my heart as we drove in and I thought of all the history there. 

On Frog Pond, located on a Butterfly-less Butterfly Trail (the Butterflies are laughing at us from their warm perches in Florida), we glided out on the ice and enjoyed ourselves.  It was solid, thanks to the cold.  I even had Blossom #4 out on the ice in the stroller.  The Rugged, Mountain Man was pretty sure I was doing this so I could use the stroller as a crutch.  :)  Hmmm, maybe...  Anyhow, the girlies didn't want to leave.  We convinced them with promises of pizza!  :)

Side note: Family fun doesn't have to cost a lot.  In fact, it usually shouldn't.  I was looking at our skates in this picture.  Two pair were hand-me-downs and the other three pairs were Thrift Store victories.  Yay!