Friday, January 10, 2014

To Do or Not To Do

Last summer, I knew it would be busy.  Sweet Pea was just tiny - only three months old and Mommy was adjusting to life with four Blossoms.  I was afraid the summer would slip away without those favorite special things we love doing with our Blossoms.  So, I did what any List Making (ahem, obsessed?) Lady does.  I MADE A LIST.  At the end of the summer, when we were wondering where all those lazy, hazy summer days went, we got out the list and remembered all the things that we did.  It was SO NICE to be able to realize that we didn't do nothin'.  (so to speak) 

And now, here it is.  My favorite holidays over already and we're heading into the quiet stretch of winter.  And I thought to myself.  I'm just gonna get this on paper.  Without further ado, in no order whatsoever, my unofficial Winter Fun List.

  • ice skating (rink and/or pond)
  • sledding
  • puzzle (more to come on this!)
  • bowling
  • make special food for Super Bowl (the Super Bowl counts as a holiday in our household)
  • McDonald's PlayPlace date (breakfast?)
  • Skeeter'S (#2) piano recital
  • make gingerbread men
  • field trip (location undecided)
  • look at Christmas lights
  • make paper snowflakes
  • sleep out by Christmas tree
  • make snow ice cream
  • go Christmas shopping with the girlies
  • do Christmas wrapping with the girlies
  • finish our current read-aloud (The Five Little Peppers All Grown Up by Margaret Sidney)