Wednesday, January 22, 2014

More on Teatime

Perhaps you remember that teatime is one of our favorite parts of our day.  Once the holidays passed and things settled down, we were able to get back into our newest favorite habit.  I still love it!

It's never been about the food.  Just a little cup of tea... usually Chamomile, and maybe a graham cracker or a cookie.  (I still want them to eat at supper time!)  Plus, that keeps things easy for me and them to prepare teatime.  Oh yes and it makes easy to clean up from teatime! 

I look into their eyes and listen.  Today, I noticed right off the bat that two Blossoms were daydreaming. 

"Whatcha thinkin' about?"

"I was thinking about winning the Triple Crown."

"What kind of horse was it?"

"It was a Palomino, OF COURSE."

"What was her name?"


I felt reacquainted with my daughter.  I didn't realize her daydreams were so detailed.  (Mine are pretty vague.)  And then she shared with me that she doesn't plan on being a jockey some day; she just likes daydreaming about racing horses.  I liked the confidential type sharing.

Further on in the conversation, I'd taken note that during this particular day, we were having girlie-to-girlie mean words and voices.  So, I took the opportunity to "Say One Nice Thing About The Person On Your Left."  It was a good little exercise.  The smiles sure were cute.  Everybody likes to hear nice stuff about them, after all. 

I love it when a good idea continues to reap good fruit.  Day in, day out.  We're learning things here in our happy home.