Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Gratitude

Y'all know how I feel about gratitude already.  And I love promoting it in our children.  That means making an attempt at thank-you notes at birthdays and Christmas-time.  I do give myself a break sometimes in this area.  I mean, c'mon.  Four Blossoms, one Mommy.  So, I like it when I found nifty printables like this one via Pinterest. 

Free Kids Christmas Thank You Note - at #free #printables #holidays #crafts

Check out the link to print it.

It was easy!  And, I didn't pitch the computer out the window.  And, it was pretty painless writing thank-you notes.  There are other cute Christmas stationary-type printables out there that just have blank lines, but this year, this worked best for us.  The fun bonus was my children's replies as we wrote these.  Scooter (#2) wrote her own, without any supervision whatsoever, hence the spelling entertainment.  Skipper (#3) told me what to write.  Enjoy!

Scooter (#2)
To: Grandma and Grampa
(Potholder Lom and extra loops)
I can make stufe with it and make stufe for Bryley and Ari plus Mommy and Daddy
I'm really not sure why Daddy got crossed out.  I'm told it was because the letters were squished and there wasn't enough room, but it amuses me nonetheless. 
(SO THERE DADDY, I'm not making you anything!)
Skipper (#3)
To: Grandma & Grandpa
“I neder hat one and now me do” (received a prairie dress)
"I can do dat all myselt” (received a puzzle)

To: Aunt & Uncle
"Dem pitty."  (received a scarf & necklace)

My favorite though is when Skipper wrote to her Great Grandparents to thank them for the money they gave. 
"Why do you like it, Skipper?" 
"I dust like it. 
I going to keep it
and not going to give it to
(Ahem.  Perhaps we will work on generousity next... although Skeeter seems to have that down.  She wants to make scarves to give away and of course, my ever-entrepreneurial daughter wants to SELL THEM.)

Skeeter (#1)
To: Grandma & Grandpa
Thank you for knitting Loom and for the dress.  I like them because now I can knit Mommy a new scarf and I have a really nice prairie dress.