Friday, January 24, 2014

Cozy Winter Fun - Cinderella Progress

(Blossom #3 wanted her hands in the picture.) 
There's progress!  The girls are really into the whole puzzle thing.  On the Belle puzzle, I did A LOT of the work, but I've done very little on this one.  Even Blossom #3, who is 4 years old today (WOW, our chubby baby is a big girl!) will sit down and actually do this puzzle.  She is really good at it.  So, I'm putting my hands-down stamp of approval on puzzles as a family activity. 
(Blossom #1 wanted a turn with her hands in the picture.) 
Yes, Blossom #3 still puts her elbows down and disconnects the puzzle periodically, but for the most part, she can really participate. 
And, they are all really good about checking the floor for snack-size pieces for Blossom #4...

One thing they love about puzzle progress, is that the closer you get to being done, the easier it is to find where the pieces go.  I can tell the excitement is mounting.  Blossom #2 and I will be frame shopping at the Thrift Store on Monday while Blossom #1 is having her piano lesson.  Stay tuned for more Cinderella puzzle progress!  :)