Monday, April 6, 2015

Blossoms, Beauty and the Berner

The days are busy here, but so long as they are God-directed days I am happy with that.

I do love a little spontaneous Blossom playtime.  Those Disney Twinsie dolls just so happen to be Blossom4's favorite little activity.  After being blanket-trained to stay and play on the blanket during school time, she sometimes asks for a blanket to be spread out on the floor to play on.  Maybe boundaries are comforting... who knew?!

After assigning Blossom1 the job of prepping veggies for our supper, she surprised me with this.  That's what I'm talkin' about - girlies in the kitchen, complete with creativity!  I'm finding more and more that girls have a thirst for beauty.  My job is to help them know how to express that beauty and appreciate it in wholesome and Godly ways. 

Speaking of beauty, rustic mornings are astounding in their beauty, at times.  It reminds me of that quote, "A creation points to a Creator." 

And hey, I'm pleased to have finally snagged a decent shot of the "hundts" (affectionate Pennsylvania Dutch pronunciation for "hounds").  Jake and Rory are turning into pals!  I am glad that a Berner (Bernese Mountain Dog) and a Golden (Retriever) get along so well!  They've been adding a lot of "flavor" to life lately.

Well, there's a little photo glimpse into our past couple of days.  Keep the faith, my friends!