Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Some Real Life

It's real life here.  Blossom3 is tickled pink because I got out the "big girl" stuff out for some math work yesterday.  She was hounding me this morning to get to it again. 

I don't usually send the littlest to another room to play.  They prefer to be right there in the mix.  So long as they are obedient, I am good with this.  (I've got a little secret for you: I actually like it this way.)  While Blossom3 tackles basic addition, Blossom4 solemnly works on her fine motor skills, as well as unknowingly absorbing numbers from Blossom3. 

It's neat to watch Blossom4's creativity with the math manipulatives while I supervise the addition and flashcard work. 

When she grew tired of the little blocks, we switched to some pasta!!!  It's another great activity that isn't so ordinary and is perfect for fine motor skills. 

It's important to me to let the little girlies work on fine motor skills, as it helps immensely when they learn to write.  I don't obsess over complicated activities every day, instead, I like to let them play with things that are small, things that I'd be tempted to keep put away because it requires too much supervision on my part.  (I'm convinced that successful, intelligent children are allowed to really play, touch things, get dirty and explore everything, especially what is usually inconvenient for mamas.)

Blossom3 victoriously finished her flashcards and we moved on to some Hooked on Phonics. 

Lest you think life is always smooth sailing here, Blossom4 descended into a crying fit because something eventually just didn't suit.   It's real life and we keep going.  A homeschool day isn't a failure because someone is crying.  We resolve the issue, discipline accordingly and continue plugging away.  That a whole lot like grownup life.  You might cry, but you just keep movin' on.