Thursday, April 23, 2015

Tippy Toes, Doggie Nose and Five Years

It's like I always say, "If you're gonna have 'helpers,' it doesn't mean you're gonna get your work done quicker, but you'll have good company (and cute company) along the way."  (Additionally, you're investing in the "workers" of tomorrow!)
That's not to say I gleefully remember that every day.  Certainly I'm trying to remind myself of this lately.  Blossom3 wants to be a "restaurant girl" when she grows up and is displaying intense interest in all things kitchen-related.  She's been enjoying it and I'm reminding myself to just slow down and savor the moments with her.  (Yikes, she's FIVE already!)  It IS delightful to see this dream blossoming in her.  So, if you someday see a sign along the road that says, "Blossom3's Diner: Their food is good, but ours is finer," you'd better stop in for a bite!

Somehow or another, we ended up with one less egg for dying than we started out with.  Not sure how it happened or where it went, I just hope whoever finds it months from now, doesn't try to eat it!  (Around here, that is a legitimate concern.) 

Since Daddy was carrying Blossom4 in the pack for our hike the other day, Blossom3 was hiking with me.  It was like a mini Mommy date!  Watching her savor nature and just talking "life" with her, was so nice. 

Eventually Blossom4 had to practice being a big Blossom.  It's funny how little obstacles were big for her.  It kinda makes me think that in life, there are things that I might not find to be difficult, but I have to help the girlies navigate those obstacles, for they may appear larger in Blossom eyes.  Things like dealing with the fear of a thunderstorm or the anticipation of a performance.  Helping them know the Scriptures that brought me peace as a child (and STILL bring me peace) are the steps that will make the obstacles no big deal later on in life.  Plus, when they can trust God in the face of a thunderstorm, they can trust God in the face of anything.  Oh. so. necessary.

Rory-Bear is growing... and growing closer to us.  Though his chubby little puppy legs eventually grew tired near the end of our hike (he was missing his couch!), he plodded on, prodded by his love for being near us.  We like our dogs to have heart!

Next Friday is our last day of school.  The girls have been plugging along getting those loose ends tied up.  Yay for perseverance! 

Have I ever mentioned how much I love homeschooling?  I'm just so thankful for the opportunity to do this with our children.  I look back on the last five years and I smile - seriously.  I'm also a little surprised.  I hadn't really thought about how we've got five years under our belt as of next week!  The quality time I spend with them every day... The joy of scaling the mountains and valleys of learning with them is priceless to me! The investment every day in the things that we deem important is comforting in those oh-so-tiring night-time reflection sessions.  The togetherness... the reading aloud... the meals together... did I mention the togetherness? 

There is so much I love and am grateful for in this journey.