Monday, April 27, 2015

Choosing to See

Two weeks ago, I was knocking off items from my to-do list.  I loaded my sewing machine into the truck the night before our weekly co-op day.  Nonchalantly, I threw in the power strip that my machines are normally plugged in to.  By the next afternoon, I greeted my daughter's puzzled expression with a look of horror.  I had unwittingly unplugged the incubator that housed 19 Pheasant eggs - a homeschool project and family micro-farm venture. 


(The Blossoms evidently felt compassion on my remorse and took it remarkably well.) 

My Mom said to pray over them and while I normally pray over many things, on this particular day, my faith was more in the arena of I-will-smile-and-be-pleasant miracles instead of hope-for-Pheasant miracles.  In any case, I did eventually pray, and evidently, so did Blossom1. 

Nine days later... yes, NINE days later, the Blossoms came tearing up the steps to inform me that an egg was wobbling and cheeping.  A short while later, "L.G." (short for Little Guy or Little Girl, pending our discovery of its gender) emerged. 

And, the Blossoms can't stop telling people about the miracle.  The responses have really flabbergasted me.  (seriously)  One person said, "That pheasant must've really wanted to hatch." 

As opposed to our version, in which, an Almighty God had mercy on a tired mama and anticipating children and caused them to see the miracle of an egg hatching, even though it was long past the hatch dates. 

We chose to believe in the miracle, rather than the "determination" of a soul-less pheasant. 

We chose to see. 

Today, wherever you are, you can look around you and choose to see the order and beauty created by a loving God, or you can choose to believe in an accident or some other such nonsense. 

What will you choose to see?