Wednesday, April 29, 2015

To Explain Away a Miracle

When I wrote "Choosing to See," I was expressing my surprise over reactions to LG and the miracle of his hatch.  The thing is, this is something that I've heard time and again.  I think it runs deeper than one might think.

God answers prayer. ---> God does miracles. ---> God cares. ---> God is there.

These are all things that are easily dismissed when we attribute a miracle to something else, like a soul-less Pheasant.  I've had the healing of my husband's shoulder dismissed to "time," as if the body could heal itself if God wasn't involved.  I've had God's miraculous protection dismissed to "coincidence" or "close calls," as if His angels and His hand had nothing to do with it.  I've had God's timely provision dismissed to the "nick-of-time generosity" of others, as if they gave to me out of the blue without God's prompting. 

Sometimes, it's just really convenient to explain away a miracle because it explains away God.  If God isn't there, you certainly aren't responsible to Him.  You don't have to serve Him.  If He isn't there, you don't owe Him anything. 

To recognize a miracle is to recognize the Almighty God. 

What would come after that?  Dare we ponder that our lives are owed to Him?