Monday, April 13, 2015

Keep on, keepin' on!

I was inspired to "keep on, keepin' on" with our repertoire of reading aloud to the Blossoms when I recently read an article on  "How to Read Aloud Every Day" outlined how reading only 5 minutes a day would amount to 30 hours a year.  You could read the entire set of the Chronicles of Narnia in that time!  #worthwhile

Don't give in to mom guilt.  (Many moms think this is just one more thing they *should* be doing.)

You don't need to commit to huge lengths of time.  We can all swing 5 minutes of reading aloud here or there.  The benefits are many - increased love of reading, better vocabulary, healthier imaginations, good quality time together and so much more. 

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We are currently reading Farmer Boy by Laura Ingalls Wilder and What Would Jesus Do by Helen Haidle.  It's a revision of the Christian classic, In His Steps, by Charles Sheldon.  I picked it up at the library, knowing that the classic was inspiring to me personally.  The girlies really took to that book!  I appreciated some of the questions at the end of each chapter, thus inducing them to think about what Jesus would do.  (Quality conversation and discussion!!!)  Blossom2 kept swiping it to read further, until I assured her that it was fine to take to afternoon quiet time so that she could finish it without having to stand at the kitchen counter. 

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If you're having trouble making 5 minutes a priority, tell yourself you're investing in your children and then turn off your phone and start reading.  :)