Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Spring Hike - Hurray!

Recently we took a gander on a new trail.  The snow is/has melted around here and the temps are rising.  Trails like this remind me how close most folks are to a nice little hike.  Seriously, we drove 5 minutes down the road, pulled off and got our "hike" on, which really means, unfold the jogging stroller, make sure everyone's coats are zipped up and hats are on.  Oh yes, and hang the camera around Mama's neck! 

The trail started out near a shale "cliff."  We "dinged" around here for a little while.  Blossom2, of course, had to collect rocks, ahem, I mean specimens.  She was smart enough to stow her bag of rocks so that she could snag it on the way down, rather than carry it the whole hike-long.  

 You all know that Blossom4 has an innate need to be up high.  Perhaps this is why she has bonded so well with Rory, our Bernese Mountain Dog.  The breed is originally from Switzerland and although we've only had Rory since February 15th, we've noticed how much he really loves to climb.  This is comically different from Jake, who adores water.  So, there we are with Jake, sloshing through the creek and Rory climbing the inclines on our left, higher and higher. 

I've never attempted a jogging stroller on a hike.  We always went the "pack" route, which when your little ones are two-ish or older, can get pretty heavy, pretty quickly.  It gives me more respect for all the times my dad carried my brothers on LONG hikes (including carrying my brother on his shoulders the entire way through Carlsbad Caverns.  My little brother even fell asleep and stayed asleep a good portion of the way!)  In any case, the stroller was a terrific solution and you can bet we'll be using that method of transporting Blossom4 again!  (Real men push zebra striped strollers!!)

The girls were delighted with all the ice formations they kept discovering. 


Daddy and I agreed that it was so good to be out and getting our blood moving in the brisk, fresh air.  (We both have been reading AWOL on the Appalachian Trail by David Miller, which has only strengthened our inspiration for hiking.) 

Something about being in nature immediately turns one's thoughts to the Lord.  I take a deep breath and gaze at the evergreens and the icy brook.  My Creator made this.  He ordered it.  He designed it.  It refreshes and blesses me.  And God called it good.  I'm inclined to agree.